I am a Docent in the Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland. My primary expertise is public health but my current interest is theoretical biology. My latest publication is:

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Keith Baverstock

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“The Gene: An Appraisal”

The Gene: An Appraisal makes the case, based primarily on a re-interpretation of the long-term evolution experiment (LTEE), that genes are NOT Mendel’s units of inheritance.
Among the implications of this paradigm shift are:
  evolution is not driven by genetic variation but by the thermodynamic principle of least action;
  the majority of mutations occurring spontaneously are of no biological consequence and common disease and behavioural traits do not result from single nucleotide polymorphisms;    inheritance is better described by the Galton/Pearson biometric Ancestral Law of Heredity;
   natural selection is the generic process applicable to all natural systems, namely thermodynamics.


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